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I’m Aarish – a passionate soul in spite to grasp
more .

Poems and stories are the emotions which when assembled together can be felt every time they are read .

First time to the site? Don’t worry ! Just feel yourself slowly and gradually being able to connect with everything while rest aligns for you . Here I have encapsulated some of my works , I hope you enjoy every essence of them !

From the blog -:

  • The Golden Twills
    I can see the time passing by,I can’t do anything but cry,I know these moments will never return,But I have no way to clip them on,Those songs we sang and dances we did,Will be remembered till the end,If I could make myContinue reading “The Golden Twills”
  • The Universe….
    The universe is a whole lot of mysteryThere’s no one who knows bout it’s historyThose running stars in the springsAre the most beautiful galactic thingsNot only beautiful but horrifying as wellThere are still many more , no one can tellLife on theContinue reading “The Universe….”
  • If U Know , U Know !
    I see you searching already,Because you know you’re alone,But I am here for you, so steady,In all my black and white tone,Wish you find your desired one,But if you don’t, I’m here,Wish you find your loved one,But if you’re exhausted, I’m here,AtContinue reading “If U Know , U Know !”
  • A Highborne !
    A child was born,Along with him was his Highborne,Whether a child or a man,His fate was already planned,Neither he ate the normal food nor he had a normal childhood,They said he was being prepared for a fight,Over which I prefer a flight,YearsContinue reading “A Highborne !”
  • Risen From Dirt !
    Invaded they in,Threatened us on,Others say under them , we were pawn,With the innocent minds,games they played,To follow their orders , they persuade,Masters they stayed , for two hundred years,Can’t think of it because of tears,To gain independence we tried,But every timeContinue reading “Risen From Dirt !”

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About Me

Well, Hello there “AGAIN”

Like I said I’m Aarish . Currently a full time student walking through the edges consistently to seize my strengths and weaknesses . Here below I have some of my works and I hope you enjoy every single essence of them .

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